Sunday, October 08, 2006

Aaron Spelling Birthplace

This scrubby little motel on Browder St in Dallas is on the very site where the venerable Aaron Spelling--creator of Charlie's Angels-- was born. Of course, when he was born here, it was a scrubby little house, and not yet this fine classy establishement.

This next bit came from my August 17 entry on my Fatale Abstraction blog about this motel:
I went to an event on Tuesday and met a man who grew up in Dallas and he told me something incredibly funny.

In the 1960s he was in his early teens and his mother made him go to their church in east Dallas every Saturday to help one of the older men to do the lawn and tidy the place up for services the next morning. The end part of their ritual always involved a drive downtown to the post office between St. Paul and Ervay streets to mail the church bulletins out to the flock.

Then the man would continue on down Ervay all the way to the Uptown Motel - the scrubby little place I told you about(where Aaron Spelling was born), where apparently the rooms were permanently booked by prostitutes. They pulled into the motor court and all the ladies came out running saying "Hi, Sugar!" and the like. Of course, with boy in tow, he wasn't there on official business, just dropping by to be neighborly and say hello.

The man told him that he saw the news on TV that JFK had been killed while sitting in a bed in that motel, and that two days later, he was sitting in the same bed when he saw news that Lee Harvey had been killed.

I said "what are the odds?"


Blogger Sally said...

You don't reckon he could be induced to go and sit on that bed and see what happens to the present illustrious incumbent of the highest office, do you?

12:18 AM  

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