Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Adam Hats building which contains lofts. At Canton and Good-Latimer Expressway, East of downtown at the edge of Deep Ellum.

For years I lived in lofts elsewhere in Dallas but lamented the abandoned state of this building. I would often go see touring acts performing at Deep Ellum Live across the street, and thought this would be a prime building for re-purposing into lofts. Someone read my mind, at last, and converted this structure.

This photo was taken from the on-ramp from I-30 onto I-45. People who live in these spaces right by the roadway sometimes have their windows broken by ne'er-do-wells who happen by, bent on mayhem. Still, it's a beautiful building.



Blogger the oxtopus said...

That's my loft! No, seriously. Anyway, we've yet to have *our* window broken. Our neighbors? That's a different story.

7:30 PM  

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