Monday, December 11, 2006

Demolition of Dallas' Apparel Mart

I've watched over recent weeks as this massive structure has been gradually dismantled. I suppose owing to the many hospitals in the immediate vicinity, an implosion-style take-down of this structure was not an option. In truth, I always found Apparel Mart to be a particularly unattractive building. Anyway, I was fascinated by the piles of rubble spilling down from the upper floors as their joists were pulled away. I'll probably post one or two more pictures from this day, because this was riveting to watch.

One particular favorite thing I noticed was one of the big heavy equipment operators was using the jaws of his vehicle to pick up enormous girders and examining as if he were trying to choose the ideal piece of candy from a candy bowl. Then I saw the purpose to that activity - he was finding a sufficiently straight piece of metal to "sweep" up tons of detritus from the path of his machine. Cool stuff, the terrible beauty in destruction.


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