Monday, February 19, 2007

Here's a photo looking to the South from the hill where the waterfall billboard is. The waterfall is directly behind where I snapped this shot. The ball-on-a-stick is Reunion Tower, part of the Hyatt Regency Reunion Hotel. To the left and out of the frame is downtown. In the lefthand foreground is part of the foundation of the razed Baby Doe's restaurant. The brightly colored sign is for American Airlines Center which is where the Stars and the Mavericks play. On closer inspection, you can see a traffic helicopter and the traffic on Stemmons expressway. The long overpass curving to the right is an exit ramp to the small bit of highway that runs just north of downtown proper, and that strip of roadway is known locally as "the canyon." Also in this photo, the Lew Sterrett courts building and county jail are visible, as is the hotel where the Beatles stayed when they first came to Dallas all those years ago. This is a more interesting photo than I at first realized. Enjoy.


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