Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Welcome to Dallas Diorama!

This blog is meant to showcase a few of the countless details that make Dallas so uniquely riveting. My other blog Fatale Abstraction will be maintained as per usual, and some Dallas images and stories will be culled from that resource to archive here as Dallas-specific events and images.
In particular, I am dazzled by the mid-century American "modern" design of which there is less and less as time progresses. Look in particular for great signs from the golden age of American neon, through the present, and interesting buildings.

For my first entry, I have chosen one of my favorite neon signs in town. The Good Luck Modern Trailer Court is a place where people park their RVs when they are traveling, and there may be some live-in trailer homes permanently parked there, too. Anyway, the whole point is that it's a totally groovy sign. And SO modern. I love it.

This place is on I-35 on the East side just North of I-20, between Wheatland and Camp Wisdom exits. I'd put this sign at about 25 feet tall. Enjoy!


Blogger nongirlfriend said...

Damn, you get around!

I don't think I've ever seen that sign. I usually take 67 to 35, I guess that's why!

6:44 AM  
Blogger phlegmfatale said...

Well, instead of heading south down 67, take the left fork and go a couple miles and you'll see this sign over on the left after you go under the overpass for Camp Wisdom. It's a beautemous thing!

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm searching for artists interested in submitting their thoughts, feelings and images to a simple idea:

You've taken some wonderful pictures of Dallas. Sadly, up until now, I've only used your fair city's airport.


9:11 PM  

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